5. FAQs

5. FAQs

  1. The safest bot to start with?
  2. I’ve connected the bot and have only loss, anything wrong?
    First check that all Cornix settings are correct. If yes, then don’t worry. Losses can happen, it’s algo – not money printer.
  3. What deposit recommended to start running bots?
    You can even start with $100 but gains won’t cover fees for VIP subscription and Cornix. The minimum to run bots is $250 (futures), recommended – 500$ (spot trading). Then bots can earn money to pay fees and encrease trading balance.
  4. Can I trade manually via signals?
    Yes. But they were developed to run automatically. Even when You are asleep – bots keep trading and taking care of Your balances.
  5. Bots make losses in a row, I want to switch some off, good idea?
    You can swich them off right after lossing streak (market flippin or so on). With this strategy You will only lose money. Follow suggested risk per bot or make it even lower if You feel uncomfortable. But DON’T switch bots on and off every hour. If something goes really wrong, it can be analysed only after a few days for low timeframe bots and around a week for high timeframes.
  6. I connected * bot, but don’t receive signals?
    Bots can be switched off by admins due to market condition to keep Your money safe.
  7. How can i have an overview of my portfolio across exchange and wallet?
    Use https://coinstats.app/ (use: “MARGIN” for discount)
  8. Which Trading software do you use?
    The team leverage primarily on Trading View for analysis and staging.
  9. I keep seeing the error in cornix “Not Enough Funds Invested
    You need to increase the allocated amount to ensure it meets the minimum trade order of the exchange. You might use fixed USD amount to mitigate this issue. Regarding the minimum amount rules for binance futures the minimum amount is defined here per pairs and for SPOT here
  10. I want to learn more about risk management, what information can i consult?
    Watch this introduction video https://youtu.be/ofwtsc20hOY
  11. CoinM? Bybit? What is inverse contract?
    In essence, with inverse contract you trade the underlying asset. So instead of trading a coin, so we get more USD, we trade USD to get more of coin-X
    We do this to make our positions sizes bigger, because e are really bullish on these coins.
    Here is the technical yet boring explanation:
    Inverse contracts use the underlying asset as the base currency. Traders need to confirm traded quantity in terms of USD (Quoted currency), and then use their base currency (such as BTC, ETH) to calculate margin, profit and loss. If a trader wants to trade BTCUSD contract, he must use BTC as his base currency. If he trades on ETHUSD contracts, he needs to hold ETH. 
  12. What are the bots timeframes?

Zulu: 15min
Zulu30: 30min
Delta15: 15min
Whale: mostly 15min
DeltaSwing: 60min
Bravo: 30min
Bravo Swing: 60min
Bravo Big Swing: 4h

  1. TJOSI? The joy of stepping in

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