1. Welcome to Margin Syndicate

1. Welcome to Margin Syndicate

You made it here – congratulations. We offer a plethora of options and that can be quite confusing in the beginning. Which is why we suggest you to start off your first month with our most basic and hands off setup. While that makes money for you, you can get to know the other strategies and slowly decide if you want to add them to your trading.

The following is our startup setup and I highly recommend you doing only that for at least 1 month.

Recommended for Auto trading for at least your first month:

  1. #SPOT Swing+Scalps for the spot market (50% BTC, 50% USDT)
  2. #Margin Swing for the futures market

To Do

  1. Understand our bot channels and chats in the next chapter
  2. Follow our instructions in chapter 3 to set up your API and Cornix bot
  3. Get to know the community and slowly ease into what we are offering. Say Hi in @Core. Once you feel more confident you can try some of the other setups we are offering. Follow the core discussions and see what everybody is doing.

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