The Best Cornix Signals
What is Cornix?
Cornix is an api service that allows you to automatically follow trading signals shared by a given telegram source. We have worked with several signal following service providers in the past, such as Zignally, 3Commas and others. Out of all of them Cornix provides the most cutting edge technology, reporting and customer service we have found in this niche which is why we settled to use for all of our trading activities. Our signals are designed to work Bybit and Binance Futures.
Best Cornix Signals

Cornix allows you to securely attach your exchange account via API and execute your own trade or follow other Cornix marketplace traders on telegram using their auto trading service.

Why chose Margin Syndicate Trading Bots over other Signal Services?

Margin Syndicate is a complete atlas of money making in the crypto currency markets. We offer educational content to strengthen your personal trading practice, teach you risk management and try our best to protect you from yourself.

What ever mistakes you can make, be it rug pulled, liquidated or fallen for fomo, we have been there, done that and hope to help you not step into the same traps. We offer you a variety of trading tools, such as our own quantitive trading algorithms, insight into Cornix top 40 marketplace traders, early investment opportunities, little known DeFi hedging tools and for those that are seeking a 100% ‘let go’ strategy, we offer our managed hedge fund.


Enjoy being with like minded people, learn and share crypto trading and investment strategies.


We publish regular performance updates and Technical Analysis to keep you up to date.


We trade together and we earn together. There is nothing more exciting than succeeding in this high volatile market space.

Margin Syndicate Algorithms


Best Cornix trading signals

Our GoTo solution for smaller accounts that want to start their quantitive trading journey. A Minimum of $500 is recommended to start with LinkBot. The Algorithm scalps ChainLink on the 45min timeframe, producing around 90 trades per month, with an average return rate of 3.3% at 20x leverage.

Nuts and Bolts, Numbers and Risk

We recommend using a fixed amount per trade of about ~half the account size including leverage. So $accountSize / 2 / 20 = trading size. Example of a $1,000 account: $1,000 / 2 / 20 = $25. Trades have a 4% SL and TPs at 1%, 2%, 3%, 5% evenly divided. So your risk on account is 2% by using half the account size. Reward is 1.4% on account size per trade if all TPs hit.

It is a quantitive trading strategy. Win rate is on average higher than loss rate, which results in profits over the course of a month/quarter. Below you can find a data extract from our database.

Pricing and Sign-up

Cornix subscription is separate via ($26.90 per month)

Up to 90 trades per month:

$39 ($399 yearly)

MSBots© Package

Best Cornix trading strategy
FullThrottleBot (MSBot Package)

A Minimum account size of $4,560 is recommended to trade FullThrottleBot successfully. It can open up to 38 swing trades at the time on the 4h timeframe, exposing your account to a lot of market volatility. It can trigger up to 500 trades per month, with an average return of 2.8% at 3x leverage.

Nuts and Bolts, Numbers and Risk

Getting 38 trades opened in your account is stressful. Hence it is important to have the risk set up properly. Your account needs to be able to catch all trades in order to perform according to the quantitive strategy, without risking excessively. So here is the math:

Every trade has a SL at 7.5% effectively and TPs at: 3%, 5%, 8%, 13%, 21%, 34% with two entries with 0.5% below current market price and 5% below current market price. In order to fill all TPs you need to have at least $60 ($10 each TP) if the trade is only half filled, so $120 dollars per trade is Minimum. 38 trades * $120 = $4,560 (hence the Min account size recommendation). The trades come with a leverage of 3x, so your trading size needs to be $40. With this account and trading size you would risk 7.5% of your account. You can scale this according to your risk appetite, but understand the consequence of your actions.

Below you can find a data extract from our database.

Pricing and Sign-up

Cornix subscription is separate via ($26.90 per month)

#Linkbot, #Renbot, #FttBot, #FullThrottle

Up to 500 trades per month.

$79 ($799 yearly)


*Past performance is not an indicator nor promise of future returns. Investing in and the trading of 'Crypto Currencies' is a high risk endeavor. Margin Syndicate is not responsible for any losses, nor do we offer financial advice.
Hear it from our Community
Makruf Sobari

Really really really worth to join.. Amazing signals. Not just signal, the community also great, have learned a lot. Thanks Vett.

Dani Prado

These guys are the best group to which I have belonged. I reviewed my portfolio with the CEO. I trade the signals divided in a few chats and this makes it much more easy to start / stop the signals.
I can just recommend these guys.

Joseph Kirwan

Great communication. You can ask any dumb noob questions you want and actually get a helpful answer. One of the traders is on hand pretty much day and night to answer any questions people have and there are there are others that help too. Innovative – constantly improving their automated bots for futures. Great calls on spot and gems. No brainer to do the trial imo.

Mario Karjevic

Accurate and profitable in all market conditions, totally handsfree and simple. Rigorously tested and refined over extended periods of time. Large Community and great support.

Eric Olson

Great team and mix of products. Someone always available to help or answer questions. Also excellent income trades.

Mukesh Pandey

Best channel that I found by chance. You won’t know what you are missing until and unless you join. Gem of a channel. Don’t waste your money on searching for channels. Just join and enjoy. You yourself will stop looking for other channels once you join. That’s a secret. Best of luck. Don’t waste your time hunting elsewhere. They have a huge variety of channels.

Melvin Georgi

If you aint making money with MarginSyndicate or Linkbot you aint making money anywhere else.
Trust me, these are amazing with their knowledge and what they have created on here is worth every penny.

Margin Syndicate Hedge Fund
We strive to protect your capital by hedging against market falls and deploying cutting edge technologies to secure steady profits.

Current Defi yield portfolio:
Thor, VPND, PXT2, Tavern, MEAD, Mansions, Playmates, ETHS, Gaur Gbonds, Gaur, Gshare, Cronodes, Cubo, Guru, Atlas Nodes, Power Nodes, Comb, zComb, Easyblock, Impermax, Leviathan, Arbis.

ROI stats
🔥. January: +9.8% (BTC: -16.7%)
🔥. February: +8.76% (BTC: 12.18%)
🔥. March: +8.72% (BTC: 5.41%)
🔥. April: +8.25% (BTC: -18.03%)

Fees and Tiers
Minimum balance: 10k, 50% on gains
🎖 VIP status: 50k+ balance, 35% on gains
🥈 Silver status: 100k+ balance, 30% on gains
🥇 Gold status: 250k+ balance, 25% on gains
💎 Diamond status: 500k+ balance, 20% on gains

At the end of every month, fees are charged on the gains and the High Water Mark is raised according to the net profit thereafter. 2% onboarding fees are due upon signing our standard service agreement.

🔒 Lockup
Funds are locked up for a minimum of 6 month.

💵 Dividend & Payouts
Quarterly dividend payouts are optional.
Dividends are calculated from the surplus of the quarterly High Water Mark.

📊 Reporting
High Water Mark reporting happens monthly by telegram. It includes a small review of the past month as well as your last HWM, your account increase, your paid commission and your new HWM.

*Past performance is not an indicator nor promise of future returns. Investing in Crypto Currencies is a high risk endeavor and can result in loss of funds.