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Fully automated cryptocurrency trading bots. Let the force of compounding work for you.

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Low Cap Investing

We research to find the next ‘bitcoin’ and get you into it early on. Our last big hit was TrustSwap, at the time of writing 9,750% gains in 8 months.

24/7 Trading

We offer a variaty of bots that trade the market for you 24/7. No need to interact, while your money stays safe in your account.

Highly accurate

On top of the trading bots, we offer highly accurate trading signals based on our own TA. These can be followed manually or fully automatic with the help of

HMA, RSI, Ichimoku, support, resistence, breakouts. Fully automated.

We take care of trading for you. Through the use of our automated trading API, your money stays in your account and we open and close trades for you. You relax.

What we offer

A plethora of tools to automate your trading and keep your own emotions in check. The biggest hurdles to making money with trading are greed and fear. These lead you to buy high and sell low, which is the worst of all strategies. Through automating your trading you take your emotions out and let algoritms and experienced traders take care of your business.

Time tested trading strategies based on TA

We have been trading the crypto market for many years and are accustomed to the high volatility that comes with the cryptoverse. Some technical analysis tools work extremly well in crypto, others simply don’t. We are in touch with news and do our best to make educated trading decisions for you every day.

Fully automated trading bots

The knowledge from many years of research and backtesting went into the brain of our fully automated trading bots. We entrust a part of our portfolio to our leverage and spot trading bots deliever substantial gains months after months.

Small cap trading signals

Gem hunters are people with a very specific and valuable skillset. They know where to dig in order to find pure gold. They are relentless, dilligent and ambitious and they keep going until they find the next 10-100x small cap gem. A small part of our portfolio is allocated due to the high risk reward ratio.

Community support

Our growing telegram community consists of newcomers and professionals alike. Everyone helps one another, shares tipps, news and technical analysis. It feels comforting to be among like minded people in a volotile market like crpto. Join our free telegram group here:

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Sharing is Caring

We donate a percentage of our income to children in need and encourage our clients to do the same.